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The start of my backpacking journey. Written around August 2019

“What’s your plan? The plan is no plan”

Where I will work, eat and sleep next week or month or year, it is all unknown. I came back from Ibiza after one month in May knowing that I would do it all differently. I have given up my room, quit my job and have gotten rid of most of my ‘stuff’. After having left two boxes and two bags of things at my parents house, I am now on the road. 

I am traveling without a plan and on a tight budget. I will meet many people on the road and collect their stories and share them as much as I can. I hope to share some of my adventures, insights and meetings with you on this journey and ahead. 

A word of warning though, I am hopelessly in love and desperately curious. 

In love with mankind, their potential to fuck it up and to create heaven on earth.

I am curious about the Revolution that is brewing within this world. This revolution has many faces and words. Sustainability, green thinking, circular economy, community centred governing, global spiritual awakening… etc. etc.

So this journey has no set plan but it is a personal / social experiment and research mission.

To travel without a plan and almost no resources increases my own vulnerability and freedom to the max. How will people, myself included, respond?

What do I notice ‘out there’ of the revolution? Looking for signs that both underline and undermine the idea that it’s brewing, and that something will happen within my lifetime to change our way of living and thinking drastically. 

I will talk about communities, big and small. How they are maintained, built or broken down. I will talk about hosting, holding space for people and receiving guests with passion and love. 

Of course I will also just show photos, fun facts and ideas. I have no idea what it will bring. It scares me and it excites me. I hope my sharing will make you think, feel and motivate you. I write from the heart and in this I cannot go wrong. 

Enjoy with me the beauty that I encounter on my loving exploration of people.


07816, Sant Rafael,
Ibiza, Balearic Islands

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