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Power! (lessness)

Have you ever practised the most simple of everyday grounded earth magic?

I am sure you have! A magic we lose track of sometimes through all the little and big struggles in life.

It is the power to create your own reality, your own truth and your own happiness and wellbeing so that you can support others from a place of power and understanding!!!

The Magic of Joy!

This is what I used to do (during and before the burn-out that seeped my energy and left me drained): I tried my best to continue and function as a healthy and happy person in a world which is anything but perfect, while inside, in my thoughts, my head overflowed with fear, anxiety and worry over all those people I do not know, see, hear or feel but who I know are out there – suffering!! I realised that we are all in this together, we are all on this earth, in this country, this city together, but the sad truth is, we are so overly connected to everything out of our reach that we have no space to see and experience that which is right in front of our doorstep.

I pushed away my worries and thoughts by crawling deeper into my phone (games and facebook), eating lots of food, drinking alchohol, smoking, dancing, sex- anything to be able to continue to function…until I had to STOP

Through all this I realised a very clear and empowering lesson:

We (humans) don’t need a better phone, a sexier man or woman to be with, more money, a better or bigger house or even drugs to feel happy, safe and taken care of. No! Human beings don’t need to ‘get’ happiness, we only need to know how to bring it out from the depths within us and let it guide us. The way to really make a change in the world starts, as the cliche states, with(in) ourselves.

I have experienced how nature, interactions with people, spiritual practices, prayers from many (if not all) religions, breathing techniques, meditations etc. are magic vehicles that can move me towards the connection I thought I had lost. The connection with my own Godly Core.

This Core has been given so many names I cannot possibly list them or describe it, and the ways to It are also innumerable. My personal way is through connecting to my dream and fantasy realms, to write down as stories my thoughts and feelings and become aware of how and why I am creating my own reality. Anyway you can read and understand more about that on my storytelling page and by experiencing sessions with me! 

For now I will tell you how working with reconnecting to my Core has changed my view and feelings unto a space where I realise that I have always been able to choose, for myself, how I see the world and people around me.

I choose to like – or dislike – people, and I choose to see the misery and despair in the world or to see and realise the loving kindness that is behind all the actions of people that are helping and loving and caring amidst the wreckage.

I choose to turn on my phone and watch the news which is deliberately saturated with exactly the right amount of recognizable and relatable misery to excite the biggest amount of stress hormones within my body – or to meditate on a flower, the rising sun and the wind in my face and then to check my whats app only a few times a day (I am still not doing this right.. But it’s a balance 🙂 

Only now that I have cleansed by body and mind a little (still working on it every day), I can see how easy it is to choose how I wish to shape the world around me into the reality I create – to choose to live in a reality ruled by love, compassion and joy instead of lack, anger and powerlessness.

I can see how this is the first step to the true God Power we all have within us and how it magically turns us to more happy, easy going and inspiring people.

I still don’t close my eyes for misery and pain, I see how many people are suffering immensely. I haven’t lost my sensitivity or sensibility.

What I choose to do now, is to be among friends, to celebrate life and to organise sessions. I choose here to use the gifts I got – the lessons I learned in my life, my story, my university education, my experience in my work etc. – to inspire others to live from the Heart by telling and writing stories, by reading amazing books, cleaning houses and taking care of elderly, sick adults and children and to be a very nice neighbour, friend and family member. I hope to inspire people to create a better reality for themselves and the people and world that they love.

Create and realise your power as an Auteur of your Life. Don’t be sucked into the drama you can’t change but realise happiness in a world of hurt is not a crime, it’s a way of gifting other people with joy, even if it’s just for a moment!


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