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Unexpected Healing

From a nice birthday celebration in Gent I went to Malmedy. I went there because of a dream and I decided to follow its message. But when I arrived the town was still overrun by visitors of some kind of car races. The races were finished and it felt like a wild party at its end, but I still felt highly displaced. I had some food at the local restaurant and slept at the youth hostel. I woke up feeling lost, not knowing what I was doing or why I had chosen to go to the entire other side of Belgium. Yes I had a dream, but everyone knows you shouldn’t take their messages literally, which I basically had done.

Anyway I was here and decided to make the best of it. A friend from Brussels told me of a beautiful nature reserve nearby and I was determined to see it. I also decided to contact a soul sister I had met one month before at a festival and with whom I had felt an instant connection and have a lot in common with. She was available and actually really in need of a friend, being on a bit of a crossroads herself. We met up and had that ‘pick up where we left off’ vibe that I have with good friends in general. We quickly hit deep levels of conversation and did not stop talking for the 3 hours we were together! It was magic and very much soul fulfilling. Ok, now I knew why I had to come here. I then stayed one more day in the hostel and went to stay with an amazing woman called Agnes for 3 more days via couchsurfing.

Me and Agnes spoke in a mixture of German, French and Dutch, Malmedy being in the German speaking part of Wallonia. She had a lot of books on Tarot and other energy healing related topics and cooked amazing veggie food with more than professional presentation. The first day I rented an e-bike and visited the nature reserve “the high fennes” or Les Fagnes. My friend who gave this recommendation also gave me an assignment to find a 5 to 10cm high carnivorous plant in this huge park. After I cycled on the E-bike to the park information center, feeling very much like one of the huge amount of German middle aged tourists also cycling on rented e-bikes on the old railroad called ravel, I walked with my head to the ground for about an hour. I marveled at the miniscule beauty of moss, flowers and mushrooms and did not find a trace of the tiny flesh eating monster plant.

I had to cycle back, wow that was a loooong way still. I fervently remembered my dislike for cycling. Even on an e-bike through lovely terrain I was tired, annoyed I went too fast to really see anything and too slow to cover big distances without terribly using up my own, and the bicycle’s battery, power. So, I returned just in time to return the e-bike and I was very pleased with myself. I spent another two days hiking around Malmedy, getting wonderfully lost and twice finding my way back to my favourite place there, the Hermitage of Sint-Antonius. A truly peaceful resting place for the wandering soul. Even just sitting outside was beautiful.

On my last night with Agnes I received another amazing gift. She gave me a Transpersonal Inner Communication ‘treatment’. In this treatment client and healer dive, very effectively and quickly, into the heartspace of the client through meditation. The healer, when both have arrived, takes the left hand of the client with the index finger pointed out and starts to type on a keyboard.

The heart of the client ‘talks’ through the index finger of the client with the hand of the healer and so brings forth the message she needs to give. My message is too personal and sensitive to give here, but believe me when I say I felt, through my emotions, my heart tell the story when the typing was happening. In the text afterwards, translated from French my google translate!, was the exact story I know I have been struggling with all my life and the phase I am in at the moment….

Luckily I was able to move back into the safe space of a spiritual centre I had visited before in the next week. Because once my heart opened I felt very sensitive to my own and other’s feelings, not unlike after a long retreat or a few good reiki sessions.

Me and Malmedy got off to a bumpy start, but the healing I had received had opened my heart and lifted my spirits for the journey to come.


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