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About Theodora

To guide, honor and activate you in times of transition and growth, paving the way to ownership and authorship of your own story.

We all told stories when we were little, some just to ourselves and some out loud.

I shared my visions and dreams with my stuffed animals and my brother, until I grew up.

My parents got divorced and Amsterdam lured me out of the small town bubble and dipped me into the pool of worldwide madness. I like madness, up to a point, that’s probably why I live on Ibiza now.

My adult interests are a mix of many things, all coming together in human stories.

I studied Cultural Anthropology and practical Theology; worked in hospitality and psychiatry;  learned and experienced Celtic shamanistic, mindfulness and meditation practices.

All of this taught me to be truly in awe about the human capacity to create and re-write their own experiences and realities.


I share my stories here with passion and joy. I entice people to tell their stories in all the ways that they can. By creating events, actual storytelling, writing or living their life to the fullest. I want people to feel free and empowered to speak and act their truth and to be heard!

Let’s build realities together!



Theodoras coaching imbued me with consistent clearness, and the ordering of my inner world. Through her faultless guidance, I learnt the focus and love required to achieve my goals. With presence and  grace her words spoke to both my inner truths and the symbols of nature all around. I loved Theodoras method of encouraging me to ask my own questions and her guidance to finding the solutions . Thank you intuitive supporter of the heart’s tasks.



Foraging guide & conscious chef, Ibiza

Theodora is an amazing host & space holder. She knows exactly what needs to be done and has an eye for detail. A warm and loving energy that you want to have around during any event or party.

Sandra Borg

Sandra Borg

Yoga instructor & Women’s retreat facilitator, Ibiza

Theodora has the rare gift of being in different places at the same time when she hosts events. And, remaining calm and open, attending to all that needs attention without stress. In all the storytelling events I participated in guided by Theodora, she made me feel safe and seen.  And nurtured with her clear, honest and energetic presence.

Lucien Lecarme

Lucien Lecarme

Writer & circle facilitator, Ibiza

Balearic Isalds, Spain


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