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Theodora sees, understands and cares for every space you want to create.

Event coordination, personal assistance, hosting and creative support for any space you want to create.

Guidance to Experience

  • Let me guide you into the creation, organisation and experience of your own perfect event,
  • Practical, psychological and creative support – the complete package all in one!
  • Tailored to your life story(ies), symbols, belief systems and personality.
  • Dinners, Parties, Rituals and Ceremonies
What else is possible?
  • Personal events: ceremonies, retreats, circles or workshops
  • Online conscious event: Administrative support for online retreats, workshops and gatherings
  • Professional events: Business celebration, team meetings, trainings
Why Theodora?
  • Is in touch with the entire team and inspires hard and heart centred work in all.
  • Super complete holistic approach: personal, business and practical!
  • Passionate, fun and empathic support before, during and after event
  • Open to (and knowledgeable of) many belief systems and walks of life.

Let’s all enjoy our time together and truly keep connecting!

weddings, memorials & Aging celebrations

Ceremonial Design & Hosting


Let's create and experience a beautiful transformation together!

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Management and client contact

Organising & management support


Event bookings, client contact and admin

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Design and hosting

Hosting your business


Design, support and hosting of trainings, meetings and workshops for businesses with a holistic view on their profession.

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Mixing Storytelling, deep insight, academic knowledge and empathic connections : Theodora sees, connects and creates a beautifully tailored ‘Rites of Passage’


07816, Sant Rafael,
Ibiza, Balearic Islands

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