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mystery and miracle storytelling about a train

Een Spoorgeschiedenis

Verhalen helpen je de wereld even door iemand anders z’n ogen te zien. ze laten je de waan van alledag vergeten en uit je eigen verkleinde wereld beeld kan stappen. Grootma pakt het met dit verhaal groots aan en daagt ons uit de wereld te zien door de ogen van een trein.

Storytelling Defined

Storytelling is seeing with words. As such it is a powerful tool for education, business, research, self-development and marketing. Apart from these many functions, which I’ll discuss further in this article, storytelling is important in this time of multimedia and constant information input.

Monkey Painters

A DREAM STORY When I lay down my head on the pillow, pull the covers snuggly around me and say goodnight to my waking world, a part of me is feeling excited because this part is about to go Home. Home to where it all  makes sense. My feelings and thoughts shape the world around…


For this story I am taking you to a time when the Earth was just born and filled with hot melting lava. To come here we must widen our thinking and open to the possibility of mythical elemental beings- Dragons!

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