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Een Verhaaltje van Grootma

Een verhaaltje zweefde door de lucht. Het was geboren toen de nacht haar sluiers oprolde en de dag de aarde wakker kietelde. Nu was het op zoek naar een oor om in te kruipen en een mond die her vertellen kon. Het was geen belangrijk verhaal, maar gewoon een aardig vertelseltje.

Storytelling Defined

Storytelling is seeing with words. As such it is a powerful tool for education, business, research, self-development and marketing. Apart from these many functions, which I’ll discuss further in this article, storytelling is important in this time of multimedia and constant information input.

The Storyteller

Once upon a time, there was a storyteller. He had a beard like Santa Claus and a head full of stories. Nobody knew how old he was. His jacket was well-worn and threadbare, his shoes broken.

Monkey Painters

A DREAM STORY When I lay down my head on the pillow, pull the covers snuggly around me and say goodnight to my waking world, a part of me is feeling excited because this part is about to go Home. Home to where it all  makes sense. My feelings and thoughts shape the world around…


I have just finished climbing one of the toughest rocks of my life. Maybe you are not terrified by the idea of being on a rope with one of the most professional guides you can find. What is there to be worried about? But for me it was like conquering a giant dragon!

Power! (lessness)

Have you ever practised the most simple of everyday grounded earth magic? I am sure you have! A magic we lose track of sometimes through all the little and big struggles in life. It is the power to create your own reality, your own truth and your own happiness and wellbeing so that you…

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