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Gift from God... what a name to live up to!

Using her holistic set of skills Theodora supports you through times of chaos and uncertainty. She brings clarity and (head)space so that you can shine your own light unto the world. Whether you are looking to get more insight into the deeper layers of yourself, or if you are organising powerful events and gatherings, Theodora will bring the guidance and support you need.

Theodora is also an enchanting storyteller. Would you like to get a taste of her stories?


Theodoras coaching imbued me with consistent clearness, and the ordering of my inner world. Through her faultless guidance, I learnt the focus and love required to achieve my goals. With presence and  grace her words spoke to both my inner truths and the symbols of nature all around. I loved Theodoras method of encouraging me to ask my own questions and her guidance to finding the solutions . Thank you intuitive supporter of the heart’s tasks.


Foraging guide & conscious chef, Ibiza

Theodora is an amazing host & space holder. She knows exactly what needs to be done and has an eye for detail. A warm and loving energy that you want to have around during any event or party.

Sandra Borg

Yoga instructor & Women’s retreat facilitator, Ibiza

Theodora has the rare gift of being in different places at the same time when she hosts events. And, remaining calm and open, attending to all that needs attention without stress. In all the storytelling events I participated in guided by Theodora, she made me feel safe and seen.  And nurtured with her clear, honest and energetic presence.

Lucien Lecarme

Writer & circle facilitator, Ibiza

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can change your life

07816, Sant Rafael,
Ibiza, Balearic Islands

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