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Stories are the royal road to studying relationships ‘Gregory Bateson’

Reality is a Tale we Tell

In order to have a sense of direction,

To know how we build this life, 

and where this path takes us,

We must understand ourselves as auteurs,

As Tellers of our Tale,

Then we can change our plot, 

And enjoy the ride!

Theodora tells and writes enchanting stories and invites you to do the same!

Invite stories into your home
  • Explore your mission, path and roles
  • Deepen your fantasy and empathic muscle
  • Re-connect with subconscious realms of creativity, dreams and feelings.
  • Find the words and inspiration to share your ideas, visions and dreams.
    Magic is within you
  • We dive deep through a fantastic visualisation
  • We are let loose into this realm, with our inner child by our side
  • We soflty come back and feel the magic of sharing your story
  • We create the Magic of the storycircle together, by weaving our tellings into one. 

Story Packages

1 on 1 story session


A deeply personal and transformative story session where we explore your roles, stories and worlds. Enlightening, empowering and fun.

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Stories at the Hearth


A transformative and fun deep dive in your own home and hearth. A group experience with family, kids or friends. Get to know each other on a fantastic level and enjoy!

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Life story


You and Theodora weave together the story of your Life. Your trials and your treasures, see them as never before..., Your story, a truly magical gift!

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Ibiza, Balearic Islands

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