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What happens in Storyland, never stays in Storyland!

Reality is a Tale we Tell

In order to have a sense of power,

to realise that we build this life, 

and we walk this path,

we must understand ourselves as authors,

as Tellers of our Tale,

then we can change our plot, 

and take the ride with eyes wide open!

Theodora tells and writes enchanting stories and invites you to do the same!

Story Sessions
  • We travel together to Storyland
  • Find your subconscious realms of creativity, dreams and feelings.
  • Dis-cover the words and inspiration to share your ideas, visions and dreams.
  • and re-connect to people around you, inspiring and understanding them in a new way
  • Also amazing for kids; educational, entertaining and inspiring.
    Editing: Words are Magic
  • Are you effectively communicating your art or knowledge to your audience?
  • Essays, novels, websites, poems etc.
  • I crawl into your skin, understanding the author.
  • I read and analyze text, content, background, plot/ argumentation lines.
  • I question, comment on and edit the text.

Story Packages

1 on 1 story session


A deeply personal and transformative story session You discover your Magic , release blockages and rise to your potential.  1 - 3 hrs

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Fire Stories


A Fire gathering like the old times, where we connect and discover each other through Storytelling.

A group experience with family, colleagues or (new) friends.

Now also available for kids in educational or social settings.

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Text Editing


Take your work to the next level. In a series of writing sessions and reading / editing work, we make your story come alive. Story lines, world building, character explorations, academic theory building and much more.

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07816, Sant Rafael,
Ibiza, Balearic Islands

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