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Empowerment Coaching

Just feel good about yourself, as you are. No need to do, just BE

Re-write your story
  • Activate all your talents and powers to make your life yours.
  • Feel empowered, truthful and authentically you.
  • Remember self-love, appreciation for life and Universal Love.
  • Follow your joy, get support and feel like you are on top!

I support you to get beyond old patterns and stories and back into your own inner strength.


Book your sessions here to expand your horizons, feel more free and empower yourself!


Practice and methods:

  • Hands-on daily life support
  • Personal assistance, coordination and planning
  • Story writing, Dream practice and ritual activation
  • ACT & Mindfulness

May include: Home care / cleaning and structuring (your house is your Heart), counselling, visualisations and meditations, storytelling techniques, lucid dreaming, ritual creation.


  • Independent professionals, care workers and / or parents
  • Freshly spiritually awakened people
  • Giving a lot but getting too little
  • Finding it hard to ask for support
  • In moments of transition
  • Anyone in need of Grounding, Structuring and Empowerment.



Life Coaching


In these sessions we discover and transform together.

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3 hr session

Doing the work


Cleaning and re-structuring in your house, heart and mind

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6 Pack

Go far


During six weeks we will go through a deep transformation.

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07816, Sant Rafael,
Ibiza, Balearic Islands

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