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Empowerment Coaching

Empower through allignment.

build the subconsciousness bridge
  • I guide you up and passed the bridge to your inner self.
  • Here we encounter the stories you tell yourself and others.
  • Then you shift from protagonist to storyteller.
  • We re-allign the most powerful and effective story
  • and match to the most powerful you in your daily life.

Theodora guides you to become aware of and change the stories that live within you.


Practice and methods:

  • Analyses of patterns and stories you live by
  • Spiritual guidance in times of unrest
  • Storytelling and dream analyses
  • Mindfulness practices

May include: life coaching, dreaming practice, tarot card reading, shamanic journey.


  • Artists, creative professionals and/or writers
  • Spiritually awakening
  • Stuck in unhealthy patterns
  • Finding it hard to ask for support
  • Unstable times of major transitions
  • Need to know who you are and what you stand for?



Life Coaching

In these sessions we discover and transform together.


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Playful, deep and save. Dive into the subconscious, gather the information and play with the characters we hold within us.

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1 week

Let's go for it!

1 week on-site with Theodora in which we dive into all aspects of your inner and outer life.

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07816, Sant Rafael,
Ibiza, Balearic Islands

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