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I just turned 35

I don't know what I want my future to be anymore. I thought I wanted to live in a country house with ducks and kids, and dogs. safely secure and easy. But then that freedom.. it's a sweet an sour taste, a new world flavour that I tasted here on…

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Monkey Painters

A Dream Story The special character of the Dream story is that they are super dense with symbolism and meaning - all of these elements are completely multi-interpretable, depending on mood, time, personal story etc. In the end I give my interpretation, but feel free to let the…

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I have just finished climbing one of the toughest rocks of my life. Maybe you are not terrified by the idea of being on a rope with one of the most professional guides you can find. What is there to be worried about? But for me it was like conquering…

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Power! (lessness)

Have you ever practised the most simple of everyday grounded earth magic? I am sure you have! A magic we lose track of sometimes through all the little and big struggles in life. It is the power to create your own reality, your own truth and your own happiness…

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An Original Love story This is a myth of Origins, one that took place in a time when all was Mythical…..  A time when Dragons roamed and controlled the elements with their strength and passion. Them being a part of the world which they were creating and destroying with every breath…

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