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Empathy in Children Ages 6 to 10

I believe, and have experienced, that storytelling enhances the empathy muscles in children drastically. Why is this so important in kids between the ages of 6 and 10? Let’s have a look at empathy and a childs development in these crucial years.

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When the stories go silent

As I entered the cave I had been searching for, the Crystal cave of Truth, a thundering voice spoke to me! 'Do you wish to know, with crystal clear clarity, what is really real?  Even if that means shattering the enchanted mirror that feeds you comfortable lies?  About your greatness,…

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   Balancing Fear and Control       ”I needed a more convincing       personal success to overpower  the criticising demons in my system.” I have just finished climbing one of the toughest rocks of my life. Maybe it is not so high or steep in your eyes, or even difficult. Maybe you are not…

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