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When the stories go silent

As I entered the cave I had been searching for, the Crystal cave of Truth, a thundering voice spoke to me!

‘Do you wish to know, with crystal clear clarity, what is really real? 

Even if that means shattering the enchanted mirror that feeds you comfortable lies? 

About your greatness, intelligence and how inexplicably special you are? About how you deserve to be comfortable, over-fed and ego stroked every moment of the day? 

Do you really want to know what you have done, and still are doing to your precious Mother earth, Yourself and other beings? How you deceit, lie, fluff and cover up just to keep going in this whirlwind of untraceable information?’

‘Yes I do! For my dreams taught me not to judge too harshly and look into the divine mirror with the curiosity, joy and intelligence of a child. For a child I am in this world, I come to learn.’

‘Then stop right now, close your eyes, ears and mouth and be one with the silence’


The silence was more blinding, deafening and extraordinary then anything I had experienced. Without the shouts of my inner voices, the cave blocked my boredom, frustration and ignorance and led me straight to the Truth we can only find in Silence. 

I realized I had found it, lost it, and now I am traveling back again. 

I was lured, seduced and sucked into the blissful ignorance of the loud, the raging raving bored. Filling myself with temptations not to hear the silence that tells me it is all a Lie. None of it is True. The sex, drugs, entertainment, money, possessions, even friendships and family. 

Illusions – stories we tell ourselves so that we may forget.. Where we truly came from and who we truly are. 

‘Come back again, my Beautiful Wise one’ whispered the voice in my heart

‘You are always welcome to stop by, enjoy the silence and truly listen to the Voice of Truth’ 


07816, Sant Rafael,
Ibiza, Balearic Islands

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