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Monkey Painters


When I lay down my head on the pillow, pull the covers snuggly around me and say goodnight to my waking world, a part of me is feeling excited because this part is about to go Home. Home to where it all  makes sense. My feelings and thoughts shape the world around me and every creature I see is a part of myself. I am completely connected and one with whoever and whatever I experience in this realm, it’s warm and cosy. Even though I sometimes find myself in the scariest, toughest and weirdest situations. 

This story is a typical Dream. Multilayered with meaning and interpretation.

Treat it as a Dream, an otherworldly happening that can show you a wholly different view of what you already know.


I fly through the sky, it is dusk, the wind is brisk and fresh, my body feels strong as I glide amongst the clouds.  On the horizon just in front of the setting sun a mist covered mountain appears. 

As I come closer, I see a man climbing it. He is wearing a wide rimmed brown leather hat and moves with power and grace. Higher and higher unto the mountain’s steep ridge.  He moves like a man who has discovered hidden treasures and collected many wisdoms in his life. A sort of Indiana Jones, adventurous, smart, experienced. 

He intrigues me because he is about to discover one of his greatest discoveries and, not in the least, because he is following a group of small black bouncy monkeys. I see they allow him to follow because they know he comes to seek a treasure of knowledge and beauty. But mostly he is allowed because he can deal with the Truth they would share. 

He climbs until they come to a ledge and just as the sun sets fully, darkening the outside world, they slide into a cave. First the Monkeys, then the man, and with a little distance, me. 

As we enter the cave I notice it starts to run here and there like a maze, throughout this mystical mountain. Inside of the mountain cave the darkness is not complete, through the soft mists the walls and floor sparkle like they are embedded with a million tiny stars. 

It’s hard to follow the man and monkeys through the cave, because they move very fast! I literally shadow them, by looking at their shadows and knowing where the light is coming from. So deducting their right and left turns. It is like very rapidly solving a puzzle. and rapidly it goes, snaking through passages of shadows, mists and cold wet sparkly stone. Panting, sliding, climbing through the darkness. Which is not entirely dark. 

The Tunnel Guardian

Until quite suddenly I see them almost jumping into a small tunnel entrance on the side of a bigger passage.

There in the entrance to the tunnel , an old looking, but young and vibrantly shining, half man half ape is standing guard. He is immensely magical! 

The first thing I see before I can focus on anything else, is his cape! He wears a long wizard’s cape made of a shiny gold black fabric that is light and dark at the same time. The black is like the black of the night sky zoomed out a million times. I see millions of sparks of colours and light inside of it, but hidden and only showing every millisecond or so. Adding to that it looks heavy and wavy at the same time. Moving slightly with a breeze I cannot feel.  I can be mesmerised and hypnotised by just this colour but realise I did not come here to be sucked into a hypnotising cape. 

I look again and notice that the he Guard’s body is covered in fuzzy hairy black hair like that of a gorilla or chimpanzee. His legs stand straight and strong like that of a man on guard but his arms are long and lean like a monkey! He holds a staff with a spear end on one side and a globe on the other. His head has the long pulled out shape, with the poofy mouth, of that of a chimpanzee. But it continuously changes into the faces of people I respect and love. Teachers, parents and good friends smile at me and ask me in many voices if I am truly ready to enter this tunnel. 

I take a breath and say ‘YES’ in a clear and steady voice that hopefully echoes the respect I feel for this deeply mystical Guardian. At the moment I voice it I start to crawl through the most insane tunnel I have ever experienced. 

The small round passage is a tunnel dug out from the centre of the mountain. ‘Wow!’ All around I see the ‘ground’ or ‘stone’ of the tunnel which is a mixture of all earthly materials I can imagine: wood, plastic, water, crystals, glass, flesh, bone, plants and in all colours of the rainbow and beyond. The ‘stuff’ is mixed up in a way that makes it look like someone very artistic and crazy has hoarded it all in this mountain and dumped it as a crazy but brilliant piece or art. It feels mystical in a punky kind of way as I crawl through. 


I crawl out of the other side of the tunnel and into the first ‘room’ of the alcove I stand up and look around. I see a room full of canvasses standing on easels and ready to be worked at. In front of the canvasses people, of all sorts and sizes, and monkeys also, are ready to start working on their masterpieces. Some have already started. Nobody really has any oil or paint, instead they take the colours and materials right from the ‘stuff’ of the cave, the same stuff I saw in the tunnel. One of them must be the man with the hat, although I pay him no attention. 

 For at the entrance I am greeted by the same figure that greeted me before. The only difference being that now the Guardian has taken up the stature and face of a true Master Teacher. His face is that of an ape with lots of wisdom and charisma. Someone you want to listen to because you know he can take you to great heights! Think of Dumbledore and your most favourite teacher with a monkey face and you come close. He has beautiful big gleaming eyes, a grand strong hairy body and magical flowy robes which shine with magic and glitter. Not the glittery Black like before but now it’s really multicoloured bright and splattered with pieces of material from the tunnel.

At this point I become lucid for a few seconds, check my hands and know I am Dreaming. This is only a few seconds but just enough to anchor my consciousness in knowing I have entered a very special Dreamspace. I realise that is the place… where Dreams are Collected!


I take my space behind one of the empty canvases in a ‘second room’ of the alcove. I have a lot of space and feel like I am about to step into a rollercoaster. The Master is next to me and asks me if I am ready, just after I nod my head I start to go into a rollercoaster of visions and experiences.

-One moment I am running a horse cart race with a horse that changed into a dog and it was very cool cause I was winning…  then i am roller skating behind the dog because the cart had disappeared and …and… well you get it, a proper dream.

– The next moment I am painting, there are many of us, people, monkeys and other creatures, splattering colours and things all over canvasses like wild beasts, i join them.

– The next moment I am lying in the arms of different men and women, being held, caressed and loved. A beautiful sensual space with a hint of darkness over it. 

-I ‘wake up’ in the alcove and paint without seeing what I do, the things on the canvas, splattering, throwing and smearing the experiences onto the thing in front of me. It fels wilf and free.

– Without choosing or knowing or controlling anything I dive back into the next dream, 

– etc. etc.  I am experiencing many known and unknown Dream stories following each other in rapid succession. In between these Dream stories I keep coming back to the main room of the alcove where we are painting the canvases and where the Master attends our progress with a caring but strict eye.

After a while the succession of dreams becomes slower, the amount of ‘people’ in the alcove  becomes less and I eventually find that I am almost alone in the alcove. Then I realise it is almost time for me to wake up .. for real.. but before that, I  have to have one last look at my ‘creations’ together with the Master.


As I walk around the room that I have worked in and check all of the canvases one by one I notice a clear and obvious pattern. I have painted 3 large canvases. Three entirely different scenes. 

The first one I see is describing a soft pink lake on a full moon light. The lake is surrounded by a forest and underneath the milky white waters black stripes signal the presence of mysterious underwater creatures, waiting to come out. In the far distance, just beyond the lake, where the forest starts, stands a beautiful ethereal white figure made of mists. I can imagine this might become a beautiful scene of love, connection and beauty. 

The second scene is the centre of a busy green forest. It is the middle of the day but there are many shadows. Amongst the tree trunks and broken branches and leaves on the forest floor little gleaming eyes, hidden in the shadows, peer out at the watcher. This scene feels like the middle scene of an adventure. The forest that can hold treasures and dangers alike, but must be crossed in order for the quest to be achieved. 

The third scene is a nasty black demonic space. An underworld scene where no natural light penetrates. The only things visible are contorted faces which you cannot distinguish from each other. This is a nightmare realm where dangers and fears lie in wait. But which is visited just as many times as the others. 

To me it is obvious: All 3 of these canvases are filled up with a background for my awake life experiences to be painted upon… it’s perfect. 

As I walk around and check the canvases I feel happy with my work. 

 I ask the Master:  ‘Master, is it true that I paint them in order from light to dark on purpose? ‘Yes, they are in exactly the right order, just as you like it’.

Again pleased with my work I lay down on the ground of the alcove, in front of the canvases,  so I can wake up from this Dream and continue collecting material for my art in the awakened world.

Then I woke up.


Me, Master and my monkey mind friends help me, in my dreams, to put my memories, experiences, thoughts and feelings onto these canvases, so that I can categorise and make sense of my daily life experiences through them. 

My past gives colour, shapes and tastes so that I might see my life in different ‘lights’ at all times. This helps me to use past experiences and thoughts and feelings in a conscious way, ordering them in my dream world, and calling them up to add to them when I feel they are relevant for this or that particular time. 

In our unconscious minds, with the help of our monkey minds, we are all painting our truths, our experiences, putting layer upon layer of paint onto our masterpieces until we die. I like to have them ordered because this is my way, being a lover of order in the midst of chaos. But I know from the Master’s comment that all people have different painters, different art pieces, different canvases, even different paints on their works of Art. 

When we die, I believe, we share these paintings with Source, adding to Truth and Chaos with our perfect lives. Showing them just as they are. 


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