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Dawn of a New Era – Enter in the Water Dragon and Liberating Aquarius New  Moon | Tania Marie
An Original Love story

This is a myth of Origins, one that took place in a time when all was Mythical….. 

A time when Dragons roamed and controlled the elements with their strength and passion. Them being a part of the world which they were creating and destroying with every breath they took. 

Look for the elements in yourself, the way they play a part in your story, and move through your body and heart, to understand the meaning behind this Telling. Love is the ultimate treasure to hold. But are we reaching for an unobtainable Star?

When the Greatest of all Water Dragons, Oxiano, rose, once again to the surface of the Immense Oceans of earth to shatter his hard headed Earth brother out of the ocean once and for all, he saw HER for the very first time. 

He was entranced by her perfect roundness, her visible fertility and the promise of a lifelong of mystic silver joy. Instantly forgetting about his chase he reared his head above the water and bathed in her light. He did not just forget about his fight , but also his past, present and future were insignificant to him now. He wanted only to come to her and be engulfed in her fullness. He reared his giant head into the sky and sang her a song of eternity and never ending beauty! Its silenced all the creatures that heard it, the fish stopped swimming and the birds stopped calling, even his Earth Brother stopped slashing his tail and stomping the grounds when he heard this declaration of Love and Devotion. 

Oxiano came to bathe in her light again the next night and the next, and everytime he lifted his immense body to the surface of the waters, the magnetic pull of his love and desire pulled the aquatic waters of the world with him. And so in these nights he dragged the surface of the entire oceans of the world with him. Landmasses were flooded and many land creatures that couldn’t climb or run or hide quickly enough, were drowned. But the Great lord of the Waters was in love and blind for the destructive force his passions created in the realms of his Brother.



This broke the heart of the hard and unmoving Earth Dragon, Grandake, more than ever before. Yes they fought since the beginning and until the end of times but to see his Brother lose control to this measure was too much. He had to stop this madness and return control and peace to the lands before it was too late. But he did not know how to, just yet.. 

After the third night Oxiano came up he found to his utter dismay the greatest love of his life was disappearing a little. Her fullness was fading and her light, that was once so bright and silver, became duller and did not have the same spell over him as before. He still enjoyed bathing in her beauty but fell asleep and sank to the bottom of the ocean a bit earlier every night. And so the watery landslides subsided as the passion of the Water Drake softened and the Moon slid slowly back into her Darkness. 

Until one night she was almost completely gone. Oxiano was inconsolably sad. He sang songs of woe and shed bitter tears of her lost beauty and life and as he did so he sank to the ocean floor, taking all the waters of the world with him in his sinking sadness. It was in this time that Grandake took his chance and decided to build back the landmasses that had been flooded and destroyed by his Brother’s earlier passions. With great precision and determination he melted mountains which flooded in great lava flows back into the Ocean. With his hard head he pushed a new mountain out of the deep dark earth to rise above the waters, creating new lands where only the sea had been before. In his hardened condition causing many sea creatures to die. Water evaporated in immense clouds of damp and smoke which covered the view of the stars from earth. The Darkness was complete. 

When one morning the light didn’t come like usual Oxiano woke from his slumber having a strange feeling. His body was slow to respond and his heart and soul felt heavy and empty at the same time. He lifted his tail and head with a slow and tired roar. He slithered out of the mud and started swimming around his Kingdom again. 

It was then that he noticed the unnecessary and unprecedented infringement of Earth into his Water kingdom. He noticed that not only had his brother stolen parts of his kingdom by creating earth where there once was water, this they did all the time. But he also pushed water into the skies, blocking the Light for all spirits and plants. Creating darkness, coldness and misery on land and sea! Now Oxiano was truly Furious!! 

He rose up into the lands and shot through rivers and lakes, spitting water wherever he went. Causing floods, rains and unsettling many regions in all continents as he fought for his life to return some movement into these dark and hardened lands. He was so angry that he was alone, losing his one great Love and his brother blocking his view of her in case she would return, that he had almost completely extinguished his brother’s life fire completely, until he caught a glimpse of something amazing. A tiny sliver of light in the Western horizon, so small he thought it was not real, hung over the waters of his beloved kingdom. He dove back inside and shot in the direction of his beloved, just in time to see her shape disappear completely behind the landmass of the western lands. ‘Yes!!!!’ shouted the King of Waters. ‘ She has returned!’

Moon Goddess Art Print  by WetherellArt

The following night he worked like never before, he didn’t re-flood the new masses his brother had built, he didn’t take back cliffs and beaches that had formed in his absence. Instead he called the waters of the skies back to him in a song of a loving Father calling his children back home. The great rains fell like never before and the skies cleared and opened, showing stars bright and in their billions reflected by the calm and receiving waters below. 

The next day he rose up to the surface, slowly and carefully so as not to break the calmness he had so lovingly created, to see his Beloved slowly but surely return to her fullness and brightness in the nights to come. 

When she was complete again, showing her fullness, her power and her truth he sang his song even more loudly then before and carefully but surely brought His Waters up and up to be closer and closer to her Being.

When she was completely full again. She showed her face to him completely. She was crying tears of love and joy.  After all, she had been watching, praying, feeling and hoping from a distance. Caught in her endless loop of coming and going, being born, thriving and dying. She had been watching the battle of the Drakes, hoping and wishing against hope that one day they might stop their fight and accept their places in the world. Creating balance and peace instead of war and destruction.

But as Oxiano gifted her with his waters of passion and just one drop touched her Body she had finally the ability to show her feelings, make them heard and seen to the creatures down below. As her tears touched both Water and Land, the two brothers where overwhelmed with the depths of her Love for all creatures, they felt the pain and sadness for the deaths they had created and love and wonder for all the plants and life that existed at this moment in time. They both felt a deep desire to please and calm her tender heart and promised in their own way to protect and serve the lives within their Kingdoms. 

After she received these promises in songs of calmth and peace from both Drakes she sent down tears of love and joy! As these tears touched the Waters and Earth Oxiano was exulted, this Union was more than he could ever wish for! He had a new mission and a new goal for his passions. He would continue raising his body to meet her when her body was full and receiving, but always in a calm, respectful and loving way that he knew would please her. 

This Myth of love continues until this day, the two lovers keep dancing their dance Eb and Flow, love and pain, passion and peace and giving and taking. But the big difference is that now they are dancing together instead of alone. Because they know they are truly beloved!

The moon never cried again as she did that day. Somewhere she is keeping the very last drop for the moment that she would really need to show herself to Earth again.


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