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Elements.. The elemental part of ourselves is strong and powerful and will take control of our actions and thinking when they think it’s time. We can be ruled by the fire roaring in our belly, the blood flowing in our hearts, the wind blowing through our minds or the earth grounding and stabilising our feet.

In this Telling I will take you into the lives of two Elemental beings, Dragons, who are of opposite nature. 

Earth’s elemental is Terran: a formidable, tough and always reliable Earth Dragon who Stamps the earth with his four wide flat paws. Where he walks strong, dense, lifeless and unmoving earth is created. With his thoughts he makes mountains climb into the skies or lays seemingly endless flatlands out on his home, the Earth.

Osea in our Water Elemental: His body is a long, agile flowy mass of mattery goodness. He has a thousand fins and a long wavy tail. Both of which change shape and movement depending on his mood. In the water he is almost invisible, but when he is out, which is very rare, his colour could be described as aquamarine, blue and a very soft yellow here and there. He is passionate, prone to immediate mood swings and loves life and other creatures, especially fish, who are his best friends. 

May the Telling of Terran, Osea and the Moon be of service to you in helping you understand your elemental battle. 

For this story I am taking you to a time when the Earth was just born and filled with hot melting lava. To come here we must widen our thinking and open to the possibility of mythical elemental beings- Dragons! 


Dawn of a New Era – Enter in the Water Dragon and Liberating Aquarius New  Moon | Tania Marie
An Original Love story


This story starts with an ending. The Allmother swept away through the galaxy leaving behind a trail of starlight glittering in her wake. She had given 2 pieces of herself to the planet. Life in the shape of 2 eggs on this ball of melting hot Lava. In order to create a new beginning. 

This planet was just born herself and the two eggs, one hard brown and the other a soft blue,  hatched after a while.

Osea stuck out his cute light blue, almost translucent, head from the egg shell and looked around. He just saw the wavy star lit tail of the Great Mother floating away in the furthest corners of his vision and called after her, softly. He was delighted to hear his voice sounded like a thousand water drops falling onto dry ground. Great Mother did not respond, but who did was his Brother. With a call that sounded like rolling boulders falling down a mountain slope he sent out his own message of love and gratitude for their Creator and started to set his brown and green claws determinately on the lava in front of him. 

Osea was shocked, impressed and slightly annoyed by the hardness and almost unfeeling way his brother started to walk away from their place of birth. Terran set his paws down and knew with a hard and unyielding certainty he was supposed to go towards the light of the disappearing sun. where he set his paws the hot melting lava turned instantly into rock. Dry, hard, unliving, stable and mega reliable stone and rock. The ground had the same colour, shape and feel of his body and he continued stamping slowly and very surely unto the western horizon. As he walked his body grew in size together with the growth of his Elemental Territory.

Behind him he left Osea, still quite cute and bewildered in his egg, not quite ready to exit into this weird world he landed on. Mummy was gone and Big Brother stamped off into the ‘wrong direction’ – he felt. He waited for a couple of years, seeing brother Terran create his boring dry land to the West… until suddenly one morning he had enough, he had an idea. In a fit of passionate fun and with the giggle that sounded like a strong spring rain, he dove head first out of the egg, landed in a pool of cool swirling bubbly water and swam to the East. ‘ This is nice, Mummy’ the Water dragon sang as he swirled and danced and whipped his thousand finns around.  Creating beautiful blue and green water ways wherever he moved and splashed about. His Territory was full of life from the first second and he started to talk and play with the algaes and the microbes first…. But it got a lot more fun as his territory and body grew and the life inside his realm started to expand and evolve into watery insects, crustaceans and finally fish. He never touched the surface of the waters with his body or thoughts, why would he? He didnt want to be reminded of the dry empty sky or his boring hard Earth Brother making stupid rock stuff on the other side. ‘ I’m fine down here’. 

And so it began, Terran walked, paced and stamped around the planet creating flatlands and mountains wherever he went. Moving further and further west.  While Osea splashed around inside his realm, swimming to the East. . ……

After a few aeons they had converted all Lava on the surface of this planet into either dry rocky Earth or bustling and bubbly Water. Both feeling content and happy in their own space. But as the planet is round, and as the Great Mother had probably foreseen, at some point the two terrains met and they started to FIGHT….



One morningTerran stands on the largest mountain top of his creation and looks out over his peaceful red, yellow and brown flatlands. If you look carefully at his almost closed slits of red eyes, the lazily sagged corners of his enormous jaws and the incredibly stable and unmoving stance of his legs, you will learn what happiness means to an earth dragon. Satisfaction and stability are his home. Look again and see a tiny shift in his features. He sneers, a lip curling up, fangs slightly showing and one eye opening a little more than the other as the Head of this beast moves up and glances at the Silver crispy light of the Moon. The disdain for her constant change is palpable as the earth underneath his paws tremble slightly. He lets out a sigh which sounds like earth crushing underneath an immense weight. A crushing noise that would make a human cringe with the hope the earth will hold, and the crushing will end soon. 

‘This is why I don’t lift my head . For you are the pesky reminder of change. Moving through the sky, one day full and the next you’re gone again. Unreliable, soft and strange. Even your light is not stable. I will continue to ignore you, Huh!’ He sighed out.

But then his hard headed peace is even more profoundly disturbed. Terran hears, feels and senses with his entire being an unprecedented infringement upon his Being.

Terran will not be rushed, so he slowly and determinedly turns his immense brown grey mass until his head faces to the other side of the mountain.

And there he sees, a snaky, unruly, bendy Flow of Water inside his earth. Breaking the straight and perfectly still borders of land. He sees the bubbles rise from it and knows his little brother is having way too much fun with his irresponsible behaviour.

As if the entering of water into Terran’s earth realm is not infringement enough, he is already literally shaking with the power of a thousand earthquakes from this,to add a terrible insult to injury, he sees LIFE!!! First just blades of tiny grasses, the colour of the earth changing and then, tiny specks of life entering in his realm. Insects and other tiny creatures claiming his once so peaceful and dead territory as their own. He had never moved fast in his life, because he never had to. But now… with one slash of his enormous tail he broke chunks out of his Mountain and made them roll down into the water way below. But he was too late.

Osea had already shot back into the Ocean and so might not have even been aware of the rocks and boulders splashing down into his playful river. However, Osea became very aware when he felt a stabbing pain of sadness and grief in his heart when a lot of his beloved fish friends died, by either being crushed by the rocks or thrown onto the dead dry earth. 

This was the first fight of the 2 elementals, the first of a thousand more! They fought on and on, Terran making mountains and swamps and earthquakes and Osea turning deserts into forests and forests into lakes. They were unrelenting and cruel in these fights, both believing that they had, of course, more right to space than their brother.

Aeons passed in this way, and the earth was a mass of movement during this time.

All throughout it, Moon kept watch. She wept unseen and unfelt tears at this terrible destruction and violence. She prayed to the great mother to come back and show these brothers that there is another way to create. One that flows and stabilises, one that stops and goes, with a rhythm that they could both live by. If only they would look up and notice, see and understand what Moon has been trying to tell them. By coming and going with her rhythm of balanced change.

Moon Goddess Art Print  by WetherellArt


Now historians and theologians alike are still hazy on the why and how of the sudden change of tactics from Osea. Did All Mother grant the wish of the Moon, or was it just a coincidence, a simple interference of chance, in this otherwise fated history of the Elemental Brothers?

Because it happened that on one fateful night, the most passionate of the Dragons, the water dragon Osea, rose to the surface of his immense Water realm, for the very first time!

He thought this would get him ahead of his Brother, the hard headed Terran, Earth Lord, Emperor of Stone..

But instead he fell in Love.

Her perfect roundness entrancing him, her visible fertility and the promise of lifelong mystic silver joy electrifying him. Her glittering light so perfectly reflecting the beauty of his mystic waters. Her gentle and calm movement through the night sky reminding him of the slow dance of whales. Osea was finding beauty and recognition in so many ways within that first gaze unto the Moon.

Instantly forgetting about his Brother and the fight, he reared his head above the water and bathed in her light. He did not just forget about his fight , but also his past, present and future were insignificant to him now. He wanted only to come to her and be engulfed in her fullness. 

He reared his giant head into the sky and sang her a song of eternity and never ending beauty!

It silenced all the creatures that heard it, the fish stopped swimming and the birds stopped calling, even his Earth Brother stopped slashing his tail and stomping the grounds when he heard this declaration of Love and Devotion. This was something new to all.

Osea came to bathe in her light again the next night and the next, and everytime he lifted his immense body to the surface of the waters, the magnetic pull of his love and desire pulled the aquatic waters of the world with him. And so in these nights, as he dragged the surface of the entire oceans of the world with him, landmasses were flooded and many land creatures that couldn’t climb or run or hide quickly enough, were drowned. But the Great lord of the Waters was in love and blind for the destructive force his passions created in the realms of his Brother. 

Terran had no answer to this emotion, the movements of his brother were not motivated by any sentiment he was familiar with. So as Terran held no love in general, especially not for the teeming, moving, dying and regrowing life on his earth, he sat back and watched. Resting his head on his giant paws, lying down on his high peak, he observed the play in front of him.

After the third night Osea came up he found to his utter dismay the greatest love of his life was disappearing a little. Her fullness was fading and her light, that was once so bright and silver, became duller and did not have the same spell over him as before. He still enjoyed bathing in her beauty but fell asleep and sank to the bottom of the ocean a bit earlier every night. And so the watery landslides subsided as the passion of the Water dragon softened and the Moon slid slowly back into her Darkness.

Until one night she was almost completely gone. Osea was inconsolably sad. He sang songs of woe of her lost beauty and life and as he did so he sank to the ocean floor, taking all the waters of the world with him in his sinking sadness.

Lying on the ocean floor with his fish friends cuddling around him, as a slowly swerving and gently sliding nest of fish friendship, he wished for his Mum. 

Oh why did we fight so much for all these aeons?’  Osea asked with a voice of oily bubbles surfacing on a sulphur lake. 


 It was in this time, of his brother’s absence on the surface, that Terran took his chance and did something he had never done before, but he was sure of its righteousness. He used his claws to dig into the earth, right from the top of a mountain in the middle of the ocean, deeper and deeper he went, until he came to the bottom, where his stone touched the still hot lava underneath the earth’s crust. Then he smashed, with one immensely powerful and precise strike, his tail a small distance away from the now very thin crust of stone, the Lava burst from the ground, spurt and flowed into the sea. In the hardened condition of Terran, who had watched his brother dance the most stupid dance of love and loss, he killed more creatures then ever before by this act of ultimate destruction.

Water evaporated in immense clouds of damp and smoke which blocked the view, the light and the energy of the Universe to the Earth. The Darkness that spread across the Planet had never been that complete!

After his reminiscent slumber Osea woke with a very strange feeling. His body was slow to respond and his heart and soul felt heavy and empty at the same time. A sour bitterness streaming through his usually clear body. He lifted his tail and head with a slow and tired roar. He slithered out from his fish friend nest and started slowly sliding around his Kingdom again.

It was then that he noticed the unnecessary and unprecedented damage Terran had caused. He noticed that Terran had pushed water into the skies, blocking the Light for all spirits and plants. Creating darkness, coldness and misery on land and sea!

Osea stopped, felt any reminiscent of love for Moon or Mum sink into his hind fins, roared with the sound of a million flood waves crashing into the sea, and pelted with all his might out of the waters.

He rose up into the lands and shot through rivers and lakes, spitting water wherever he went. Causing floods, deaths and unsettling many regions in all continents as he fought for his life to return some movement into these dark and hardened lands. He was so angry that he was alone, losing his one great Love and his brother blocking his view of her in case she would return, that he almost completely drowned the entire planet.

But this did nothing to relieve his pain, and even worse, his Brother had stopped moving again. Just sitting on top of his mountain with the hardest of glares an Earth’s dragons red slid eyes can give.

Osea stopped and sang to his brother in the voice of a late Autumn drizzle, ‘Do you not care at all for life?, for the Love of our Mother, for the joy that we could have on this planet?’

Terran stayed silent until he tilted his head a sang in a voice of that so resembled the rising of the volcano he had just created it surprised even him, ‘ Like you DON’T CARE about my PEACE, REST and STABILITY I don’t care about your pesky, life love and joy’

I will never CHANGE!

With this last sound of exploding earth, Osea froze, he was paralysed. Nothing to do, nothing to accomplish, nothing to feel, but defeat. As his head was still above the water, he noticed something he had never noticed before. He was so sad that water came from his eyes and fell into the sea below him. As he watched these drops of his element fall into and mingle with his Ocean, an idea took shape.


He sank carefully back into the ocean and came back after a good rest. What he did astonished all that saw! Osea didn’t move for a long time, just floated on the surface of his waters, he seemed to be in some sort of trance. What he was actually doing was re-calling a feeling he knew was in him but he hadn’t been able to touch ever since he came from the egg. All Mother had left a grain of it somewhere inside of his system, she must have! In his trance he tried to recall the feeling of his Mother’s Love, even though he didn’t ‘remember’ as such.

When he felt a spark, a feeling which tasted like starlight, he started to sing. He sang a song in the voice of starlight, a song with which he called the waters of the skies back to him

Like a loving Father calling his children back home.

 ‘Come home to me my children, I vow to protect, love and serve you to the best of my abilities’ I am sorry for all the hurt I’ve caused, I was vain, and unworthy. But now I realise, I am not here for myself, but for you. Please, I beg you, come home.’

All who heard it responded, the fish, the animals, the plants and lastly the skies, cried with him. The first ever big rain of our Planet fell from the sky, answering his call, it fell down everywhere. When the clouds had cleared. 

She showed her face to him completely and she too was crying.

After all, she had been watching, praying, feeling and hoping from a distance. Caught in her endless loop of coming and going, being born, thriving and dying. She had been watching the never ending battle of the Elementals, hoping and wishing against hope that one day they might stop their fight and accept their places in the world. 

Creating balance and peace instead of war and destruction.

Her tears were the last waters to fall. And as the Moon water touched both Water and Land, the two brothers came to understand. They felt in their being what she had been feeling. And they were overwhelmed with the depths of her Love.

They felt the pain and sadness for the deaths they had created and love and wonder for all life and death that existed at this moment in time. They both felt a deep desire to please and calm her tender heart and promised in their own way to protect and serve the lives within their Kingdoms. They understood balance was needed. They both sang to her… an indescribable duet of pure understanding. without sound.

After she received these silent promises of calmth and peace from both Terran and Osea she smiled and with a burst of light, she giggled. That’s the joy that earth was flooded with at that fateful night, when balance finally came to our Planet.

After this night Osea would continue raising his body to meet his Beloved Moon when her body was full and receiving. But always in a calm, respectful and loving way that he knew would please her and not kill or drown any creatures. During this time of Full Moon, the life and waters of the earth would exult, be happy and alive, passions would rise and Osea would rule. But when she would move her face away from the earth, then would be the time for rest, a moment for peace, balance and inner contemplation, Terran would rule.

The Story continues until this day, the two Dragons, led by the Moon, keep dancing their dance Ebb and Flow, love and pain, passion and peace, giving and taking. 

Dancing to the rhythm of love. 

The rhythm of the Tides.


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